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wheel balance

Wheels on a vehicle need regular and proper maintenance to keep them from experiencing excessive wear and tear. Proper balancing of wheels will also make the vehicle run with greater ride comfort and better grip.

At our facility, M & C Tyres & Servicing, we know the importance of properly balanced wheels. Therefore, we employ the best possible machinery and skill to keep the wheels on your vehicle balanced. Our workforce is equipped with the latest equipment and will make sure that there are no problems in the wheel balancing of your vehicle.

Wheel balancing of a vehicle is important to ensure there are no problems in the rotational circumference of the wheel. The problem in the rotational circumference can cause the drive to be bumpy and cumbersome. Wheel balancing is also essential in avoiding irregular wear on the tyres. Ideally, the balancing of wheels on a vehicle should be checked with regular maintenance service, which we provide as well.

Wheels on a vehicle are balanced, keeping the specifications of the manufacturer in mind. There are specific measures of weights and wheel shape that need to be maintained to keep the wheels from disrupting the drive comfort and stability. These specifications cannot be left to chance. Improper balancing of the wheels in a vehicle can cause the wheels to lose their ability to maintain good driving conditions.

At M & C Tyres & Balancing your wheels will be mounted on special machines that will calibrate and check for all discrepancies in the rotation of the wheels. These discrepancies will then be rectified using balancing weights and counterweights. This will be done by our team of highly skilled mechanics who specialise in keeping wheels and tyres healthy. The counterweights are attached to the rim of the wheel to ensure that proper balance is maintained.

Our experts recommend that you get the wheels on your vehicles balances at least twice a year, or after getting tyres on the wheels changed. They also recommend getting the wheel balancing done whenever you notice any uneven wear on the tyres of the vehicle. Shaking steering, a bumpy ride which becomes more and more uncomfortable with increasing speeds, are all indications that your vehicle needs a wheel balancing check.

We also offer some of the best prices to ensure that the wheels of your vehicle never become a liability.

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