Wheel Alignment

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wheel alignment

Every now and then, the wheels on your vehicle will need to be checked for alignment. When the situation calls for it, the best way is to take the vehicle over to a professional, at a well-equipped vehicle service centre. The services provided by us at M & C Tyres & Servicing ensure proper wheel alignment for your vehicle. We utilise the latest and best in class equipment, i.e. laser wheel alignment equipment to ensure that the angles of wheels on your vehicle are in perfect, specified alignment.

Alignment of wheels on a vehicle is a minor job which can have major ramifications if done incorrectly. The angles at which the wheels of a vehicle are set by a manufacturer are so to ensure maximum grip. It also ensures that the maximisation of tyre grip does not harm the wear of the tyres. Wheel alignment of a vehicle ensures that the camber toe and caster settings of the wheel are in order. This, in turn, ensures proper grip and regular and even wear for tyres.

Two Wheel Laser alignment

The greater chances of the front wheels of your vehicle being knocked out of alignment due to bad road conditions or problems in the suspension, call for excellent care. Alignment check of the front wheels, more often than the rear wheels, is advisable under such circumstances. This will be lighter on your wallet and less time-consuming. Our technicians at M & C Tyres & Servicing will ensure that the two-wheel alignment option provided by us brings maximum benefits to you.

Four-Wheel Laser Alignment

We also offer the traditional and more comprehensive alignment services where the alignment of all four wheels is checked. If there are any problems with the alignment angles, our specially trained mechanics will rectify the problem. The four-wheel alignment service can be a little more time-consuming and usually cost more than two-wheel alignment. However, it does provide the best solution to alignment woes.

Our motto at M & C Tyres & Servicing is simple- to serve and preserve motoring vehicles in a way that inspires confidence. We understand the problems and their ramifications that can haunt a vehicle. We also know the importance of ensuring the proper functioning of vehicles to ensure passenger safety. As such, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that the best possible services are provided to our customers.

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