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What comes to your mind when you encounter a dire situation on the roads? Yes, most of us think of applying brakes, but what if the brakes are not performing adequately? A situation of concern, of course! When you come to us, here at M & C Tyres & Servicing, there will never be a problem lingering with your brakes Uxbridge for sure.

We know the importance of brakes in your car while you are in the middle of heavy traffic or speeding your way through a highway. Our experts have the experience and the necessary skills to carry out any brake repairs and replacement. It is part of mandatory maintenance to prepare for the unforeseen situation on the roads. To help you with the detection of any issues with your brakes, we offer the following noticeable indicators:


Brakes can easily be detected for failure by carefully listening to the sounds that are made on the application of the brakes. When your brake pads wear out considerably, the brakes will make a screeching sound. The reason being, the rubbing of the brake pads on the rotors.


When you encounter vibrations on the application of the brakes, it is an immediate indication that you should get your brakes repaired with us. In this case, your vehicle is suffering from misaligned brakes that may be fatal on the road.

Lights on dashboards

The lights on the dashboard are present to help you decipher any failing components in your car. The brakes are one of them. A blinking brake warning light might point towards the failing Anti braking system or ABS of your vehicle.


Leaking brake fluids render the pedal of your brake spongy. The main reason that this to happen is because of the loss in the hydraulic pressure that is maintained by the brake fluids of your car.

As necessary advice, our technicians ask our customers to get their brakes checked every time they come for their routine oil change. It means that you should get your brakes inspected every six months, or whenever the car treads 6,000 miles on the road.

If you are facing any difficulty with the braking system of your car, don't forget to bring it to us. We, here at M & C Tyres & Servicing, provide the best brake Uxbridge service in the whole of Uxbridge area. In case you want more information on the braking system of your vehicle, make sure to give us a call. Our customer care executives will be more than happy to help you.

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