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Tyre Pressure

Tyres are the soul behind the essence and the sensation we feel when driving. They though need to be maintained and checked for damage and problems to make sure your driving experience is a safe and comfortable one. That is exactly what we at M & C Tyres & Servicing ensure.

Many things need to be checked in tyres to ensure they last a long time. Their lasting should also be enough to ensure security and comfort for your vehicle. This is what the workforce at our service station is trained to do. They will inspect your tyres for any damages like low tread, irregular wear, side-wall damage, or punctures. If none of these pose a problem, there could always be an issue with the air valve or the alignment and balancing of wheels. All of these needs of your tyres will be looked after at M & C tyres & servicing.

The team of professionals here is not only competent but also highly trained to ensure that not even the smallest of problems are overlooked. We know that even the smallest of problems can over time kill a tyre, or cause immense damage to the car due to tyre failure. We value the safety of our customers, and as such, we value the work that we do.

Keeping in mind our commitment to keeping tyres for our customer’s vehicles safe and comfortable, we now offer free tyre pressure checks. Ensuring the correct tyre pressure in the car’s tyres is an essential step in keeping the tyre of the vehicle is a shape that does justice to the security of the occupants of the car. Improper tyre pressure can cause irregular wear, undue damage to side-walls, and even damage the rims or alloys of the vehicle. To keep such damage at bay, make the most of the facilities provided by our servicemen; you must not miss out on the free tyre pressure check. This check will keep your tyres healthy and your drive comfortable.

M & C tyres & servicing also hosts a large inventory of tyres to choose from. Whenever you need assistance with your tyres, visit our facility, and you will return home a lot happier and satisfied. Our services are aimed at providing only the best experience to all our customer and ensuring that they have a safe and comfortable driving experience.

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