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Transportation is something that influences everything. You can’t expect to have any food, use quality products, or commute to faraway places. Cars are, nowadays, a household need and have made transportation and travelling easier. Your car is not a single piece of equipment that is providing you with several abilities for you to use. But it is a system of small parts that work in unison. These parts, over time, lose their ability to perform efficiently. They degrade, and if not checked and repaired on time, can damage other parts as well. We, at M & C Tyres, know how to help you avoid this. We can help you save your car’s performance capacity.

Common Issues

Different parts of your car wear off at different rates. If you think that your car only needs to be serviced at the time of seasonal tyre change, you’re going in the wrong direction. Regular maintenance is essential to maintain your car’s performance. This maintenance requirement increases in the winter season when all the parts of your car are prone to shut down due to the cold weather. The most affected parts are your car’s battery, engine, and tyres.

While other parts face damage as well, these stand out. The battery becomes inefficient to provide the first spark the engine needs to start-up. The engine and the tyres need to be cared for too. While one is responsible to make everything work, the other is responsible to keep everything safe. Our professionals are well aware of the parts that might break down or start wearing off in the winter season. They will perform a detailed check on them. We ensure to check all the parts of your car to provide you prior knowledge of anything that might be on its way to going wrong.

Grade Card

After we have conducted a detailed inspection of your car, we shall provide you with a grade card. This card shall have a record of all the damages and issues that need or might need to be repaired. We will also provide possible solutions to those issues and let you decide if you want to get the issues checked.

Why visit us?

We, at M & C Tyres, take pride in having catered to our customers with best in class products and services. We use the latest technology to ensure that we deliver accurate and efficient results to our customers. We want to ensure that we help our customers avoid any degradation in the performance levels of their car.

We have been catering to the people of Uxbridge with nothing but perfection and aim to continue doing so.

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