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summer check

Your car is a jungle of small mechanical parts that work together to provide you with easy and comfortable commuting along. Everything in this world is prone to face effects of time and the same is with these parts. Small issues arise, over time, in the internal parts of your car. It might not come to your notice until it is big enough to have damaged several other components. This is the prime reason for which we, at M & C Tyres, recommend taking your car for timely maintenance.

What might go wrong?

Most of the parts that are found to be damaged are due to regular usage and wear. Worn-out parts are most common in the cars of people who do not take them for regular maintenance. We’ve come across several cars that had their engines crying for help due to the absence of engine oil. They had been used to such an extent that the fluid had dried out and the internal parts of the engine were damaged. Absence of brake fluid decreases brake efficiency and can be a decisive factor for your safety in case of emergencies.

Summer Check

While you are comfortable in the cool cabin of your car, the mechanical parts are heating up. Drives in the summer season heats-up the engine extensively and increases the wearing speed of these parts. Our professionals, at M & C Tyres, are some of the best technicians in Uxbridge to bring your car to for inspection. We will ensure that we conduct a thorough check of all the parts of your car and inform you of any damage that might soon be troublesome. Some of the parts we pay close attention to are the engine, exhaust system, tyres, air conditioning system, battery, electrical system, and various fluid reservoirs.

Test Report

After we conduct a thorough check of your car, we will provide you with a grade card. This card shall hold a list of errors and damages that we will spot during the course of the test. We will enlist the possible solutions and repairs that can be done to get rid of the issue at the earliest. We provide OE-quality equipment to our customers as replacement parts and ensure that it proves to be efficient.

Why M & C Tyres?

We have some of the most proficient technicians in Uxbridge, who are known for delivering efficiently to our customers. They have never compromised when it is about delivering quality services and products to customers. We use best in class pieces of equipment to increase efficiency and accuracy of the services we provide our customers with.

We know the love an owner has for his/her car, and we make sure to respect that. We handle your car with the utmost care and ensure that we meet up with your expectations and enhance your car’s performance.

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